Corporate and Foundation Relations

Corporate and Foundation Relations

The Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations at Langston University works with corporate and private philanthropic partners to create long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.

Corporate gifts and foundation grants are the principal forms of awards made by big and small companies and private foundations requiring a 501(c)(3) tax exempt status. Colleges and other University units are encouraged to coordinate the cultivation and solicitation of donors with the Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations (CFR),  Vice President for Institutional Advancement and External Affairs, and/or the Langston University Foundation (LUF). Coordination with the IAD, which includes Development, Sponsored Programs, and Alumni Relations is required for fundraising from individuals, corporations, private foundations, as well as for fundraising events such as dinners, sponsorship events, auctions, golf tournaments, etc.

What We Provide: Our office is a campus-wide resource for those within the LU community seeking support from non-governmental organizational donors for research, teaching and other programs. Our staff members provide assistance to faculty, administrators and center directors in all divisions and schools with program development, identification and cultivation of funding prospects, proposal writing, organizing site visits, preparing grant reports, and maintaining relationships with major funders during and after the grant cycle. 

For the specific services and resources available to the campus community for Private Philanthropic Support, see Private Grant Submisison Process & Grant Routing Form.

For the specific services and resources available to the campus community for Corporate Sponsor Support, see Guidelines for Soliciting Corporate and Foundation Donors

For Corporations and other external organizations, as a first stop for companies and foundations seeking to engage with the University, our office provides guidance on University programs, facilitates new relationships, and coordinates existing partnerships. 

For more about corporate engagement with the University, please contact our office at 405-466-2937.

Government Relations 

Our office serves as the government relations liaison to officials and agencies of the U.S. government and State of Oklahoma. We coordinates governmental policy development within Langston and works to promote the University as a resource to government officials as one means of fulfilling the University's societal obligations as a tax exempt organization. In addition, serving as the representative for the University to membership organizations, associations, consortia, and alliances with whom Langston has common interests.


Langston University’s Tulsa Vision 2025 Proposal project was approved for inclusion on the upcoming ballot. The funding will continue the progression of phase II (of our original campus expansion) to include a health care professions complex that would bring the University’s nursing and health professions program home. This expansion of Langston University-Tulsa will support Vision 2025 by: (1) enhancing access to education for Tulsa residents; (2) providing a trained workforce for the healthcare industry in Tulsa and surrounding areas; and most importantly, (3) reducing health disparities in Tulsa through education. Tulsa’s Vision 2025 will be placed on the ballot for voters in Tulsa County to permanently renew this initiative on April 5, 2016. 

For more information: TULSA VISION 2025.pdf