The Department of Chemistry offers two programs leading to the Bachelor of Science degree. The programs are Chemistry and Chemistry Teacher Education.

Chemistry majors receive instruction, including laboratory and research experience, in all core areas of chemistry, with special emphasis on problem solving and critical thinking skills. This provides necessary background for postgraduate studies or employment in the chemical industry or research laboratories.

Experience in research provides students with direct exposure to scholarly investigation in their disciplines, and often culminates in presentation of their results at regional and national meetings or publication in scholarly journals. The Chemistry Education program meets and exceeds the minimum requirements of the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) for the general expectations of scope of preparation for teaching secondary education. It includes thematic and major concepts and applications of inorganic, organic, analytical, physical chemistry, and biochemistry.

Additionally, the LU program includes the NSTA recommended calculus for Chemistry Education programs and basic statistics and integrates science instruction across fields, including linkages among related concepts in chemistry, physics, biology and the earth/space sciences.

Chemistry Plan of Study
Chemistry Education Plan of Study
Chemistry Course Descriptions

Dr. John K. Coleman, Chair, Associate Professor
Dr. Sharon Lewis, Associate Professor
Dr. Timothy M. McMahon, Associate Professor
Dr. Lila K. Peal, Assistant Professor

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