Arts & Sciences

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Message from the DeanWelcome to Langston University’s School of Arts and Sciences. The departments and programs offer a rich array of courses that challenge students and encourage growth. The School of Arts and Sciences seeks to advance scholarly and creative activities through excellence in teaching, research, public service and artistic production. The school offers degrees in various fields such as, Biology, Communication, English and Foreign Languages, Mathematics, Music and Technology. The School of Arts and Sciences has numerous partnerships within the community and government that students may complete internships with and gain experience. Students and faculty of the school also have many accomplishments. Graduate of the school, Kellyn Pollard, took home first place at the K-INBRE symposium in 2014 for her melanoma research and the biotechnology program currently leads the world in manipulating the peanut plant hairs into full new plants without the use of seeds. The School of Arts and Sciences encourages you to join this historic university and looks forward to assisting you in reaching your goals. Clarence A. Hedge, Ed.D. Dean, School of Arts and SciencesProgram ProcessTo further enhance its position and increase visibility among regional tier one universities, the School of Arts and Sciences will invest in selected academic programs that will advance the School at the state and national levels in the areas of biology and chemistry. The School of arts and Sciences provides the intellectual underpinning for all disciplines. The School of Arts and Sciences recognizes the need and benefit of extending learning beyond America's borders. Each year the School provides its students and faculty with international opportunities to include study abroad, research, work abroad, volunteerism and internships in the Republic of South Africa, West Africa and The Gambia. As we prepare students to become leaders at the local, national and international levels, we will help them to meet the challenges created by the global community in which knowledge of other nations and their customs and traditions will be no longer just desirable but imperative.VisionThe vision of the School of Arts and Sciences is to become the premier School recognized for academic excellence in teaching, public service, and scholarly activities and to be valued as a vital resource by the State of Oklahoma and the nation.Purpose/GoalsThe School of Arts and Sciences provides the intellectual focus around which the academic life of the University revolves. The aim of the School is to:

  • Expand students' critical thinking skills
  • Improve their reading, written, and oral communication skills
  • Enhance their understanding of the relationship between past and present
  • Develop their comprehension of scientific and mathematical concepts
  • Identify and preserve human value
  • Develop an appreciation for diverse cultures.

Departments and Degree ProgramsFive (5) Departments and (18) programs comprise the School of Arts and Sciences. Department of Communication and English Broadcast Journalism English English Education Theatre Arts Department of Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics Education Department of Natural Sciences Biology Biology Education Chemistry Chemistry Education Department of Social Sciences and Humanities Corrections Music Education Sociology Department of Technology Technology Technology Education